DuTrion Microbial Killer

Dutrion® Features

dutrion® has powerful microbial control capacity using a certified quality of ingredients. We offer a very economical formula in powder or tablet format; no need for extra investment in generators.

Our chlorine dioxide is safely and quick released in potable water by the reaction of 2 powders or just one tablet. Dutrion ingredients are easy to handle and ship by any way. There is no risk of explosion. The kinetic halftime of the dutrion® liquid solution at 20°C is between 40 and 90 days when stored in a dark and dry place. The dutrion® components can be stored for several years and won’t take much space. It requires very simple dosing and measuring equipment.

dutrion® has been applied successfully in drinking water for humans and animals, in a variety of industrial activities and public places. The food & beverage industry chooses dutrion® as a better and safe alternative.

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Our technicians are specialized in:

  • municipal water treatment
  • farming (livestock, greenhouses, post harvest treatment)
  • food processing
  • biofilm removal
  • biosecurity solutions

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide has been described as the “ideal” biocide. Recent innovations in safe and efficient delivery mechanisms have allowed chlorine dioxide to be applied to a wide variety of applications. It’s now included in many drinking water hygiene programs around the globe. Complete testing has confirmed the safety of chlorine dioxide. This includes extensive studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Chlorine dioxide assists in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals, dangerous bacteria and by-products formed from other disinfection methods. Chlorine Dioxide is rapidly gaining worldwide public acceptance. Dutrion creates the right environment for the chlorine dioxide molecules with a long biocidal effect and long lasting residual, for the right price and in the right packaging. We think that’s all you need….

The potential for our technology is far reaching; applications range from drinking water, animal health, food industry, biosecurity, etc. Almost 80 different claims have been descriped in EPA literature. In fact, anywhere microbial contamination is an issue, dutrion® can be the right choice.

(For more information please read: A focus on Chlorine Dioxide: The “Ideal” Biocide)

Combined Disinfectants

Combining disinfectants is done to overcome the disadvantages of the individual disinfectant:

Chloramines / Chlorine Dioxide
overcomes the nitrifying bacteria, maintains a strong residual throughout the distribution system as the final primary disinfectant. Levels are 0.5 ppm chlorine dioxide dose to the chloramines dose.

Chlorine / Chlorine Dioxide
these two products set-up a recycling loop in that the free chlorine oxidises chlorite to chlorine dioxide and the chlorine dioxide keeps the free chlorine( hypochlorous acid HOCl) from dissociating.
The combination of chlorine dioxide and chlorine will have the following benefits:

  • Reduces THM and other chlorinated organics
  • Reduce chlorite levels in the final water
  • Reduce the mutagenic properties of the final water
  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Improve the efficacy of the final disinfection treatment whilst making this combined disinfectant cost effective comparable to chlorine (gas) alone.

Typically the dosage is 3 parts chlorine dioxide to 2 parts chlorine.

Ozone / Chlorine Dioxide
Ozone produces the quick kill and the chlorine dioxide maintains a residual at lower dosages.

Biofilm in waterlines

Micro-organisms thrive in the presence of water and nutrients. The movement of water creates an unstable environment for survival. Consequently, micro-organisms have evolved in a manner that allows them to adhere to a substrate with great tenacity. When they find a suitable surface they attach themselves and then initiate multiplication. Growth can be rapid, with new cells attaching to each other as well as extending laterally across the surface. This creates a “woven matrix colony” in which other organisms can grow and develop. This matrix is often referred to as “slime” or “biofilm”.

There are a variety of nutrient sources within water systems. These include scale, sediment, corrosion products and other trapped organic and inorganic matter. The movement of the water ensures that colonies receive a constant supply of nutrients. When this is combined with specific temperature conditions, which are often found inside heating systems such as calorifiers and heat exchangers, the perfect conditions exist for rapid microbial growth. The population will predominantly consist of aerobic (oxygen seeking) and anaerobic (living without oxygen) bacteria. There will also be traces of fungi and algae, which in turn support predatory organisms such as protozoa and metazoa. These predatory organisms ingest bacterial cells for food.

The control of biofilm within water systems is essential. As climate conditions change, cold water systems are increasingly reaching temperatures that are conducive to biofilm growth.

Biofilms are Costly

Their presence poses a constant threat to health. They have an impact on energy requirements of a system, cause corrosion and increase frictional drag.

Energy Costs

Biofilm is 85-95% water. It acts as an insulating layer of stagnant water. As water has one fifth the thermal conductivity of carbonate scale, a 1mm biofilm has the insulating properties of a 5mm scale coating. This results in greatly reduced heat transfer efficiency at heat exchange surfaces.


Anaerobic sulphate reducing bacteria can form and live in biofilm. These produce sulphuric acid which will corrode pipes and can result in leaks. Anaerobic iron-oxidizing bacteria can cause serious corrosion to pipes, leading to high maintenance costs and loss of production.

Frictional Drag

As a biofilm proliferates in a pipe, it reduces the diameter. This causes frictional drag, pressure drops and a need for increased pumping power. This results in reduced efficiency and increased costs.

Chlorine Dioxide

Using dutrion® as a part of a water hygiene management program will eliminate biofilm and maintain a safe, efficient and clean water system.

Dutrion® markets


  • Livestock water treatment
    (poultry, swine, dairy, fish, horses etc.)
  • Potable water transport & storage
  • Hoof & udder treatment
  • Equipment sanitation
  • Barn sanitation
  • Hatchery & eggs
  • Greenhouse disease control
  • Microbial control of irrigation water
  • Cleaning of drip & irrigation systems
  • Post harvest treatment

Public Places

  • Municipal water treatment
  • Biofilm removal in water systems
  • Hospitals & schools
  • Legionella prevention and control
  • Hotels, pools & leisure centre’s
  • Cooling towers

Bottle Water Treatment

Dutrion Chlorine dioxide is effective against Giardia, bacteria, viruses, E.Coli and, to some extent, Cryptosporidium

The active Chlorine Dioxide formula found in Dutrion quickly eliminates a broad variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Because the is active, its powerful oxidizing effect goes to work immediately.


Safety Data Sheets


  • A focus on Chlorine Dioxide: The “Ideal” Biocide download
  • Chlorine Dioxide Germicidal Spectrum download
  • dutrion® versus Chlorine and othersdownload
  • NSF.60 listing download

Mixing instructions

  • dutrion® powder mixing instructions download
  • dutrion® tablet mixing instructions download
  • dutrion® safety information sheet download

The Clear Choice

  • Arthritis
  • Hardening of the Arteries
  • Kidney Stones
  • Gall Stones
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Emphysema


Imagine one common possible cause for nearly all diseases! Can it be that arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), enlarged hearts, emphysema, obesity, constipation, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, all stem from one common cause?


WATER!! This one element you need the most and suspect the least.


During Dr. Landone’s years in practice, he met Captain Diamond, who was bed-ridden with arthritis and hardening of his arteries at the age of 70. Dr. Landone suggested his treatment. Five years later he was teaching classes in physical culture. At the age of 103 he walked from Sacramento to New York. At the age of 110, he danced all night with a 16-year old. He died at the fantastic age of 120!
Hard water is water containing excessive lime salts, that is, carbonates and Sulphates of calcium and magnesium. Sodium, iron, copper, silicon, nitrates, chlorides, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, chemicals and many other harmful inorganic minerals and chemicals may also be present. Most all the water we drink comes from public waters systems or private wells. These are hard waters. Any water that has run through, or over, ground is hard water to some degree. The longer it filters through the soil, the harder it gets and the more harmful it may become to you. Each year, the Earth’s rivers carry to the sea 5 billion tons of dissolved minerals and other unnumbered millions of tons of carbon compounds and factory pollutants. “And ocean life is on the decrease,” according to JACQUES COUSTEAU.
Mineral water – practically all kinds of “bottled” water is hard water. Chemicals dumped into our rivers may cause cancer
Boiling removes none of the inorganic minerals, although it does kill the bacteria in raw water if boiled at least 20 minutes. But the dead bodies of these germs are carried into the system when the boiled water is used. Such dead minerals furnish a fertilized soil for rapid and lusty propagation of germs already in the body. By drinking boiled water, one may avoid live disease germs, but still takes on bacterial soil for the growth of other bacteria.
Removes a high percentage of the dissolved solids as well as other contaminants, and when new the result often approaches the purity of distilled water. If pure distilled water is boiled in a teakettle, no calcium or minerals of any kind will collect to coat the inside of the kettle, even though you used the same kettle for ten years.


Remember that great scientists now only admit but assert that all old age, even death unless by accident, is due to waste poisons not washed out of the body.
Crippled joints, repeated surgeries, enlarged hearts, hardened arteries, gall stones, kidney stones, hearing problems, forgetful minds, all draw your activities from the great out-of-doors into cracking rocking chairs, and finally into bed-ridden old people’s homes. These inorganic minerals are wonderful, but only for plants.
The only minerals the body can utilize are the organic minerals. This is the cause of nearly all our ageing diseases.
The plant in turn converts the inorganic to organic minerals. We consume hard water saturated with calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, silicon, not realizing the body is unable to assimilate these nutrients efficiently. Nature tucks them in the joints as arthritis, in the intestinal walls as constipation.


Calcium-heart surgery, Calcium-deafness. Since water is a carrier of inorganic minerals, harmful to the body functions. We were not born to die – we were born to live!


Blue babies are the result of nitrates. Any mother would sacrifice her life for that of her child, yet unknowingly, through pollution, she becomes a hazard to her own child.
The pollutants in much of our water include chemicals from industry, such as lethal chlorinates, obnoxious phenols and tannins, plus commercial chemical fertilizers, weed killers, poison pesticides washed into streams by runoff or put into the water by injudicious overspread “Now the day is coming (for many it is already here) when we, too, must face up to the question of whether we want to drink our water as it runs from the tap. The answer lies in what we do no for our own protection.


Why not attack the water problem, and prevent the host of diseases, without the need of additional doctors.
By Dr Allen E. Banik